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Daily 10am - 10pm
Last entry time - 9:15pm


Cotai Expo


Map Ticket Price
Regular Ticket - 15% Off $202
Morning Entry Ticket (Must enter before 12pm) - 15% Off $143
Child Ticket - 15% Off $143
Family Package (1Adult + 1Child) - 15% Off $304
Family Package (2Adult + 1Child) - 15% Off $399
Family Package (2Adult + 2Child) - 15% Off $404

This is a permanent interactive experience and tickets for later dates to be released.

teamLab SuperNature is an extremely complex, three-dimensional interactive space with varying elevations that spans 5,000 square meters and is comprised of enormous 8-meter-tall works by art collective teamLab. It is a “body immersive” museum centered around a group of artworks that aim to explore new perceptions of the world and the continuity between humans and nature.

People immerse their bodies in massive art with others, influencing and becoming one with the art. Through the experience of transcending the boundaries between the body and the artwork, people redefine their perception of the boundaries between the self and the world, and thereby recognize the continuity between humans and the world.

Immerse the body in a complex, three-dimensional world, create a world with others, and become one with that world.
Macao Associations & Schools Special Offer

The discount offerings is currently apply to the member of Macao Federation of Trade Unions, The Women's General Association of Macao, The General Union of Neighbor Association of Macao and Macao Chamber of Commerce; Staff, teacher and student of Higher Education Institutions in Macau and the schools under MSAR Government Education and Youth Affairs Bureau till 30th November.

Each Membership and Student Card can only purchase four discount tickets. Applicable number of membership and student cards must be presented when collecting tickets.

Annual Pass Offer

15% Off Annual Pass is available now.

Parking Offer

Up to 5 hours on-day free parking offer for teamLab SuperNature Macao ticket holders.

Please contact Cotai Ticketing for further information on the above offers.
Dark day falls on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, please click here for the schedule of 2020. (Schedule subject to change)

Last entry time is 45 minutes before closing.

Children under the age of 3 can be admitted without a ticket and all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Ticket limit = 8 tickets per transaction. Transactions exceeding the applicable ticket limit may be cancelled without notice by Cotai Ticketing at its discretion. This includes duplicate transactions having the same name, billing address or credit card. Ticket limit may not be applicable to some special offers.

Expanding Three-Dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - Flattening 3 Colors and 9 Blurred Colors, Free Floating

Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives II

Inverted Globe Graffiti Nature, Red List

Multi Jumping Universe

For more information about teamLab SuperNature, please visit
Special clauses for the teamLab SuperNature Macao (the "Exhibition"):

1. Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents, guardians and/or supervising adults are responsible for the behavior of their children and may be required to remove them from the Exhibition should they become a nuisance or disruptive to others. The Company reserves the right to deny entry or remove from the Exhibition any guests with inappropriate behavior.

2. Before entering the Exhibition, guests must watch the presentation video thoroughly.

3. Food and drinks must be purchased and consumed within the designated areas. No flash, selfie sticks or tripods are permitted inside the Exhibition. No high heels, flip-flops, sandals or other unstable footwear, as well as large bags, are permitted inside the Exhibition.

4. All guests entering the Exhibition do so at their own risk. All guests, in particular elderly, pregnant women and guests in wheelchairs, ought to be extremely careful when walking through the Exhibition and exploring the artworks as the venue is dark and with uneven/slippery floors. The Exhibition’s staff should be contacted if any assistance is required.

5. In case of emergency, the instructions of the Exhibition’s staff to exit the venue must be followed.

6. Morning entry ticket holders must arrive at the Exhibition before 12:00pm.

7. Tickets are for single use and cannot be used for re-entry.

8. teamLab SuperNature Box Office on-day ticket sale cut-off and the exhibition’s last entry time is 45 minutes before closing.

9. All guests might still be required to wait in-line, depending on the maximum capacity and safety concerns.

10. Some artwork areas might not be accessible to guests in wheelchair due to safety concerns.

11. Some artwork areas might be temporary closed without prior notice.

12. No refund or exchange on any ticket is permitted unless the event is postponed or cancelled.

13. Travel to and from the Exhibition is of the sole responsibility of the ticket holder.

14. Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale without the prior written consent of Cotai Ticketing.

15. All guests will be required to have their body temperature measured at the entrance.

16. The health declaration form available at must be completed and submitted prior to entry.

17. The Company reserves the right to deny admission to guests visitors with fever, cough or flu-like symptoms.

18. All guests, including children, must wear a facemask at all times. Hand sanitizers are available at the venue.

19. All guests shall try to maintain a minimum distance of at least one meter from other guests at all times.

20. Cotai Ticketing reserves the right not to replace lost tickets and to vary, amend, add, or revoke any of these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice. See further details and updates at