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Macau SAR, China: +853 2882 8818
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For teamLab ticket purchase and collection

teamLab Box Office
Located at Cotai Expo Level 3 at teamLab SuperNature entrance, The Venetian® Macao
Open 10:45am-6:15pm daily

To purchase or collect other event ticket, please contact our customer service representative for details:
Macau SAR, China: +853 2882 8818
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To collect tickets purchased over the internet or telephone, please visit any of the above locations. We recommend collecting your tickets at least 1 hour prior to the commencement of any event to avoid delays.

Note: Please ensure that you are the credit card / CUP card / Alipay Account registered owner. You are required to present the credit card / CUP card / Alipay Account ID used for payment along with a valid photo ID when collecting your ticket(s). We will require all patrons to sign an acknowledgement receipt at the counter when collecting ticket(s). If you wish to appoint someone else to collect your ticket(s), the authorized party is required to present the following items at any of our pickup locations.

  • A letter of authorization signed by the credit card / CUP card / Alipay Account holder as well as the photocopy of his/her photo ID
  • A front photocopy of the *credit card / *CUP card / Alipay Account details used for payment (this document will be collected)
  • The authorized party must present his/her valid photo ID for verification.

Cotai Ticketing reserves the right not to release ticket(s) if the above documents are not present at point of collection. In the event of dispute, suspicion of fraud (including illicit ticket sale at a premium price), Cotai Ticketing reserves the right to void your ticket(s).