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BOB’s UP Macao 2017

You may not know who ‘Bob Lam’ is few years ago, but now, one may think of a bald head and black frame glass Hong Kong artiste. His journey of becoming a well-known emcee, TV host and actor by giving his hilarious and unreserved performance evokes both tears and laughers.

BOB’s Up Macao 2017, his first stand-up comedy held in Macao, will not only share his career throughout these years, he will also blast out the hidden stories in the industry and invite special guest to the stage.

The event name BOB’s Up Macao, a meaningful and playful name in Cantonese, shows not only the hidden stories around the entertainment field and secrets closely related to himself, but also the voice from his heart – Life is full of clouds with silver linings, roses with thorns - like a boxing. To him, from a ‘Nobody’ to a top emcee in Hong Kong, every words spoken on the stage has a story behind, which is filled with tears and bitterness. Let’s expect how BOB expresses his self-referential humor, as while as pulling gags on others.

Note: Admissions will be granted only to person aged 3 and above.

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Saturday, 2nd September 2017
The Venetian Theatre
$880, $680, $480, $280

Ferry Packages:
$988, $788, $588

To Be Confirmed